Blower Motor Questions

2001 Chevy Silverado Blower Motor Speeds
My a/c blower fan does not work on the first two speeds. It does work on 3-4-5 speeds. Where do I need to start looking? Does my truck have a resistor that goes bad like cars do?

The Blower Motor Keeps Going Bad
What can cause the motor to to keep going out on my 1998 Chevrolet Malibu. I have replaced it several times already along ith the resistor module.

1998 Buick Park Avenue Heater Blows Cold
When i turn on the A/C and heater, the drivers side blows cold air and the passenger side is hot. I have read it may be a problem with one of the temperature door actuator motors or something. Can you help fix this?

No heat in my 1999 olds 88
The heater core hoses are both hot on the car but i get no heat out of the vents. I checked the coolant level and it is OK. Sounds like the doors are working and switching in the dash.

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Heater A/C Problem on My 2006 Chevy Impala
When I change the temperature of the A/C under the dash it starts to make a loud clicking noise. It starts on one side and moves to the other side. While it is doing this the heater is on and i think it is from the blower motor.

The Heater is Blowing cold Air on My 2006 Pontiac Torrent
I can control the blower speeds just fine as well as the switching from vent to floor to defrost, but i cannot get heat. It always blows cold. Can't hear the blower speed change when temp is changed like i used to.

Blower Motor Resistor Location
Where is the blower fan resistor in my Pontiac. A few of the speeds don't work and i need a picture or diagram to replace it.

Chevy Silverado Fan Noise
My car has a buzzing sound from the fan when i turn on the heater or AC. Replaced the air filter already. Is it a bad blower motor or maybe something caught up in the dash?

Air on Floor but Not Vents
I replaced the fan motor on my Chevy Impala, but the air still not blowing hard on the vents. Only blows on my feet. Why won't the airflow setting change here it comes out.

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