A Few Air Conditioning Questions

Problem With My 1999 Chevy Malibu A/C Compressor Turn Off
a/c switch or (button) inside the car its little light is always shutting off and on which shuts the air conditioner off...

My 2001 Chevy Venture van a/c Blows Warm
The air conditioner is blowing warm air. I need to know where the high and low side pressure service fittings are so that I can add freon.

Oldsmobile Aurora A/C Blows Warm After Car Sitting
My car has been sitting for a long time, and now the A/C blows warm. I recharged the...

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Grand Am No Heat from Vent Antifreeze Not Low or Overheating
The gauge on the dash works. The engine gets hot, and the car has not over heated. Is my problem...

My 2006 Chevrolet Equinox Vents Only Blow Hot
I cannot change the heater A/C vents from warm to cold on my Equinox. Will change from vent to floor and defrost. Is it temperature door motor that i can repair myself...

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