Antifreeze leak near coolant temperature sensor.
Common antifreeze leak area behind water pump / timing cover. GM 3.1l / 3.4l v6 engines.
I have a leak across from 1.Looks like it it coming from in back of the timing cover
but I cant pinpoint it.Any ideas?Thanks....Bob
Yes, sounds like the timing chain cover gaskets
are leaking. The cover has 2 coolant passages.
The gasket on one or both are leaking. After
removal, inspect the cover for corroded aluminum.
May need to have the it replaced as well.
I have a leak coming from across area #1 as well. It's so bad that after replacing
the lower intake manifold gasket (which I thought was the problem initially), as I was
refilling the radiator with coolant it started dripping from there, the engine wasn't
even on. How can i tell whether it's the timing chain cover gasket or the head
gasket near cylinder #1? For info, I have no coolant in my oil, or oil in my coolant,
and my car didn't smoke white, basically no internal leak; just a bad external one.
Could a bad head gasket fail, yet only cause the coolant to leak externally?
You are going to have to look through the wheel
well to get a good view. Remove the inner fender
splash shield.
View large pictures of common coolant leak areas on the GM 3100 and 3400 V6 engine. The intake
manifold gaskets are the most likely cause of your antifreeze leaking and engine oil getting low.
Location #1 in the picture below is on the passenger side front of the engine
behind the front timing cover.
Location #2 is a little harder to see. It is below the throttle body and next to the
coolant temperature sensor and thermostat outlet housing on the drivers side.
I have a water leak but oil level is okay, is it still possibly the intake manifold
Yes, leaking intake gaskets are very common.
Could also have a rear headgasket leaking.
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Intake Manifold Gaskets Leaking On The 3.1L and 3.4L GM Engines

Freddy Keeton said:
I have taken my engine apart down to the valve covers but i cant remove  the push rods. Book says I need to jack up the engine to get to them in the
back, got struts loose, wood block and jack under oil pan, but cant seem to jack to get engine in position. Is there other motor mounts I need to remove?

freddy keeton said:
see comment above Cant seem to jack up 3.1 engine on my chevy lumina on to get to the push rods at back.