Intake Manifold Gaskets Questions

Pontiac Grand Prix 3800 Series II P0108
I just replaced my upper intake manifold due to warping causing a coolant leak. After putting everything back together I have a problem with the vacuum. At idle when Remove oil cap there is way to much suction coming through. It pulls the cap back hard. When I cover with my hand the engine RPM go way up.

Oldsmobile Aurora V8 Starter Location
Got a new starter for my car and i cant find it. Need help with the starter location so it can be replaced. And i do not want to bring my car in to the shop because it will cost to much. Heard it is by the intake manifold.

How to Replace Intake Manifold 3400 V6
I am replacing the 3400 V6 intake gasket and need to know the torque(ft/lbs) and torque pattern for the intake. Also, are there any tips you have to prevent coolant leaks from reoccurring on the intake.

2000 Chevy Malibu 3400
What would the average cost be to repair an oil and antifreeze intake leak - 2000 Chevy Malibu.

Grand Am GT 3100 V6
My 98 Pontiac Grand Am has no heat. The gauge on the dash works. The engine gets hot, and the car has not over heated. Is my problem the thermostat or the heater core or intake gaskets ?

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