Chevrolet Impala Repair Questions- Page 2

Crank Position Sensor Wires Burned on EGR
Any reason there would be such a problem with crank sensor? Also previously had ignition module tested, they said it was no good yet i put it back on car and it runs fine.

Why Does My 2000 Impala Sputter 3800 Engine?
Also when rpms are at a steady pace the rpm gauge will go up and down till i give it more gas.

3800 Pcv Vacuum and EGR Problem.
Had the oil changed and PCV changed late Oct. at an oil change place. Not long after the check engine light came on EGR problem. I replaced EGR and the check engine light came on again. A couple of weeks later, the low oil light came on.

Overheating Problem with my 2006 Impala
3.5 engine has no heat and coolant is leaking from the engine.

How to replace water pump 2004 impala 3.4 six cylinder.
Just looking for a little information so i can do the repair myslef.

Ignition lock cylinder 2001 impala
I replaced ignition lock cylinder now the car has other problems and I don't know what to do.

2000 Impala turn signals and hazard light dont work
Where is the flasher on this car so i can replace it? I don't see it on the steering column like most cars.

How to remove crank pulley on 2000 Impala
Car is dying out. I need to replace the crank position sensor and the pulley has to come off the engine.

The radiator fans fuse blows and car overheats
I also have a check engine light with DTC code p0481.

Key FOB remotes will only work close to car
2007 Chevy Impala. The remotes will not start the car unless you are right next to it.

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