Chevy Impala Crank Sensor Wires Burned

Problem with my 2001 chevy Impala 3.1L v6.
Done to repair this problem = i have replaced the crank position sensor, but the wire going to the sensor from the ignition module melted. When it touched the exhaust manifold i have since re-wired it. I cut the connectors off and used new wire to rerun, the engine started right up after driving 1/4 mile the wire fried again. Any reason there would be such a problem with crank sensor? Also previously had ignition module tested, they said it was no good yet i put it back on my car and it runs fine except for this stupid wire. Anything you can tell me is greatly appreciated. I just started a family and don't have money to pay a mechanic hundreds to look at it!!

I never had crank sensor wires burn unless they were touching an exhaust component. Not a high voltage / amperage circuit. Possibly they burned on the EGR valve or tube that is in the area. I would suggest wrapping the wires in the corrugated plastic covering just like some of the other wire harness under the hood are to protect them from now on.

Chevy Impala

Why does my 2006 Impala power steering not work anymore? It started to sound like grinding and whining. I checked the fluid level and it is low / empty. Where did the fluid go? Why does my impala loose fluid. I added to it but that did not fix the problem it only caused foamy and noise.

A common cause for loss of power steering and the fluid is a power steering hose under the car. As viewed from under, on the v6 there is a small 4 i n. Hose that connects two pipes. It is at the intersection of the rt. (passenger side) frame rail, and the rear framerail. A new hose and clamps are needed. Then fill and bleed the system. On the v8 models, the entire hose and pipe assembly must be replaced. This is quite a big job. The frame needs to be lowered and an engine mount removed. Then fill and bleed until the whining noise goes away.

Best way to bleed is to get the front wheels off the ground, fill the reservoir half way, turn the steering wheel to the rt. Then to the left- all the way to the stops. Do this 10-15 times. Check and adjust fluid level, then start the car.

How much should it cost to get a crankshaft sensor replaced in a 2005 Chevy Impala?

The cost of parts and labor to replace the crank position sensor on the 3400 engine would be around $300 at the dealer. Less then the at a local repair shop since the labor rate would be less. Also, the price of the part would be less at a local shop if they do not use factory parts and buy it from a large discount auto parts store.

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