Automotive Terms And Abbreviations- S

s- Second(s)
SAE- Society of Automotive Engineers
SC- Supercharger
SCM- Seat Control Module
SDM- Sensing and Diagnostic -Airbag Module
SEO- Special Equipment Option
SFI- Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection
SI- System International Modern Version of Metric System
SIAB- Side Impact Air Bag
SIR- Supplemental Inflatable Restraint
sol- Solenoid
SO2- Sulfur Dioxide
SP- Splice Pack
S/P- Series/Parallel
SPO- Service Parts Operations
SPS- Service Programming System, Speed Signal
sq ft, ft²- Square Foot/Feet
sq in, in²- Square Inch/Inches
SRC- Service Ride Control
SRS- Supplemental Restraint System
SS- Shift Solenoid
ST- Scan Tool
STID- Station Identification Station ID
S4WD- Selectable Four-Wheel Drive
Sw- Switch
SWB- Short Wheel Base
SWPS- Steering Wheel Position Sensor
syn- Synchronizer