TAC-  Throttle Actuator Control

Tach-  Tachometer

TAP-  Transmission Adaptive Pressure, Throttle
Adaptive Pressure

TBI-  Throttle Body Fuel Injection

TC-  Turbocharger, Transmission Control

TCC-  Torque Converter Clutch

Traction Control System

TDC-  Top Dead Center

TEMP-  Temperature

Term-  Terminal

TFP-  Transmission Fluid Pressure

TFT-  Transmission Fluid Temperature

THM-  Turbo Hydro-Matic

TIM-  Tire Inflation Monitoring, Tire Inflation Module

TPS-  Throttle Position Sensor

TPA-Terminal Positive Assurance

Tire Pressure Monitoring, Tire Pressure Monitor

TR-  Transmission Range

TRANS-  Transmission/Transaxle

TT-  Tell Tail Warning Lamp

TV-  Throttle Valve

TVRS-  Television and Radio Suppression

TVV-  Thermal Vacuum Valve

TWC-  Three Way
Converter Catalytic

TWC-  OCThree Way + Oxidation Converter Catalytic

TXV-  Thermal Expansion Valve

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