R-  12-Refrigerant-12

R-  134a-Refrigerant-134a

RAM-  Random Access Memory, Non-permanent
memory device, memory contents are lost when power is

RAP-  Retained Accessory Power

RAV-  Remote Activation Verification

RCDLR-  Remote Control Door Lock Receiver

RDCM-  Right Door Control Module

Ref-  Reference

Rev-  Reverse

RIM-  Rear Integration Module

RF-  Right Front, Radio Frequency

RFA-  Remote Function Actuation

RFI-  Radio Frequency Interference

RH-  Right Hand

RKE-  Remote Keyless Entry

Rly-  Relay

ROM-  Read Only Memory, Permanent memory device,
memory contents are retained when power is removed.

RPM-  Revolutions per Minute Engine Speed

RPO-  Regular Production Option

RR-  Right Rear

RSS-  Road Sensing Suspension

RTD-  Real Time Damping

RT-  Right

RTV-  Room Temperature Vulcanizing Sealer

RWAL-  Rear Wheel Antilock

RWD-  Rear Wheel Drive

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