PAG-  Polyalkylene Glycol

PASS, PSGR-  Passenger

PASS-  Key®-Personalized Automotive Security

P/B-  Power Brakes

PC-  Pressure Control

PCB-  Printed Circuit Board

PCM-  Powertrain Control Module

PCS-  Pressure Control Solenoid

PCV-  Positive Crankcase Ventilation

PM-  Permanent Magnet Generator

P/N-  Part Number

PNK-  Pink

PNP-  Park/Neutral Position

PRNDL-  Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Low

POS-  Positive, Position

POT-  Potentiometer Variable Resistor

PPL-  Purple

ppm-  Parts per Million

PROM-  Programmable Read Only Memory

P/S, PS-  Power Steering

PSCM-  Power Steering Control Module, Passenger
Seat Control Module

PSD-  Power Sliding Door

PSP-  Power Steering Pressure

psi-  Pounds per Square Inch

psia-Pounds per Square Inch Absolute

psig-  Pounds per Square Inch Gauge

pT-  Pint

PTC-  Positive Temperature Coefficient

PWM-  Pulse Width Modulated

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