1995 Pontiac Grand Prix. Replaced pads rotors and recent master cylinder.
Question: this is an intermittent trouble after driving for a while the
abs light comes on there are
no codes stored in the computer. This has been an ongoing trouble that began long before this
last brakeservice.I have connected the AutoXray 5000 scanner to the computer port and had the
car driven when the abs light comes on no
fault codes are displayed.

We have replaced the master cylinder and completely bled the entire brake system starting at
the distribution abs modulator block all the way to the calipers. The brakes work fine but the abs
light still comes on after driving the amount of driving varies we are leaning heavily to an
electrical and or electronic failure of the abs control module but would like some assistance to
narrow the trouble down.

I am not familiar with this model scanner, but i assume it is capable of reading codes. An ABS light
on with not codes is usually an EBCM problem.

Anytime there is a warning light, there SHOULD be codes. I have not had many ABS light without
codes. Motor packs are common, speed sensors, harnesses, but ALWAYS codes.I would suggest
checking with a different scanner to be sure.

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1995 Pontiac Grand Prix ABS, No Codes- All Pads and Rotors Replaced