Pontiac Grand Am Security Light- Car Won't Start

1990 Pontiac Grand Am anti theft light is on. Replaced new fuel pump. Anti theft light is on and car will start for 5 seconds and then die!! Where is the anti theft device? I will change it, I have a parts car one year older, the same car!!

This system uses a passlock key cylinder in the column, the instrument cluster, and the PCM. Any one of these could be at fault. The passlock cylinder is the most common. After replacement, the system would have to be relearned.

If in fact the ignition cylinder is bad, you need to remove the tilt lever, remove the upper and lower covers. Turn the key to the ON position, press the small release tab on the housing that the cylinder goes into, then pull out the cylinder. Install the new cylinder the same way. To re-learn the system, I will send that procedure to you.

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2004 Pontiac Grand Am 3.4L V6. Security light on.
Question: the security light came on in the car, it wouldn't start. I reset the passkey system as I found online. Now the starter clicks, but it will not turn over. Also I had the fuel pump replaced 4 days ago. Could that be relative to this problem, or is it something else I totally overlooked. I am also going to try charging the battery, maybe there isn't enough juice getting to the starter. Any help would be appreciated.

Yes, first thing to do is charge and test the battery. Also check the cables at the starter to make sure they are tight.

Next would be to test for power with a test light at the purple wire on the starter. This is the solenoid wire and should have power when turning the key to the CRANK position. If it does, then the starter is faulty and needs to be replaced.

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Question: My car won't start. It won't even crank over. I've tried jumping it and now it won't come out of park.
 Answer: What make and model vehicles you have. What engine size.

1997 Pontiac Grand am GT 4 cylinder.
 Did this problem start all the sudden or have you been having problems recently?

NO. It's been running fine.
 The first thing I would do is check the battery. All battery can be so long gone that it will even take a jump start. Also check that the cables are clean and tight.

I'm thinking it might be something in the ignition switch or steering column. Is there a sensor or something that would prevent it from starting.
 Yes the vehicle has a theft system. But when there is a problem that theft or security light is usually on or flashing on the dashboard. But the theft system will not prevent it from coming out of the park position.

When it died I tried starting it. Let it sit for a minute and the key was in the off position and the starter started cranking on it's own.
 The theft system will not cause the car to die out. And it will not cause the engine to crank or by itself. It sounds like you may have a bad ignition switch.

Is it easy to replace?
Replacing the ignition switch on your Pontiac Grand Am, is a little bit involved. The bezel around the radio and A/C controls needs to be removed, the radio removed, the lower dash panel under the steering removed, then you can remove the ignition cylinder, then the ignition switch. The theft must also be relearned after replacement.

How do I relearn the theft system?
 Search our site for "theft system relearn procedure" to find the correct procedure.

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