Pontiac GTP MAP Sensor Location

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3800 supercharged motor map sensor location? 1997 gtp Pontiac Grand Prix 3800 engine supercharged.
 One moment... trying to find a good pic...

Okay no problem. Also my blower only works on high speed I replaced it. Lasted a month. But also here's the thing now the drivers information center only works if the blower is on high or off not that the blower resistor no longer works on any other setting. But when the blower worked on all settings so did the information center.
 Cant find a pic. I know some year supercharge did not use a MAP. Is the blower resistor new? If yours does have a MAP it is on the back side of the engine, a little toward the drivers side of center.

Yep has a map sensor. So behind the PCV valve then towards the left of it?
 I believe so, yes. It has been a long time since i worked on one of those.

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Also, blower speeds not working right. Lasted about a month A/C super cold was throwing out water vapor on dash.
 OK. Any lighting problems when fan turned on high? Have you checked the fuses?

Driver information center works with blower on high. Move to any other setting blower no longer works information center goes out as well.
 Check the resistor to see if it has blown or the terminals are burned.

No burnt terminals looks new to me. Smells like it's burnt.
 HMM. If it smells burned, it probably is.

Could the blower be bad causing a draw in amps in lower speeds burning it up.
 Yes. Is the resistor the type with the green wrap around the resistors, or a flat blade circuit board? Flat blade board are older types. The green ones are a little harder to tell if burned. The others are obvious. You would need to check with a test light on each fan speed if you have power in to different wires as you change the speeds to make sure the speed switch is not bad. Also, I have had a few weird ones on the W body Pontiacs that the ignition switch causes the blower speeds to act up, info center, parking lights, etc. Tapping on the head of the key when it is acting up can cause these things to flicker. See the second question on this page. I am getting offline till later tonight.

How do I change the air intake hose can I do it or can you do it? Pontiac 2009 G6.

Pontiac air filter box hose replacement.

Answer:Yes, should just be a clamp on either and then remove it.

Ok. There is only a clamp at one end the other end seems to be part of the whole cover? So the replacement part should have the same ring on it?
 The non clamp side does come off. You need to get a screwdriver under it, go around it while pulling. It should fit right over the lip on the air box. If not you can add clamp.

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