2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT ABS and TRAC OFF.
Question = WHAT IS MY ABS PROBLEM? Why does my car do this?

The first and last code are for left and right front wheel speed sensors. The c0245 is caused by a
difference between the left and right front sensors. After replacing the hubs, did you plug the sensors
back in? If so, make sure you did not damage either of the harness. If they are plugged in and ok, then
you need to follow the harnesses up along the lower control arm and on to the frame rail.

Be sure you installed the correct hubs.

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8 L V-6 (non-supercharged). Service engine soon code P0108.
Repairs done prior = Just replaced the upper intake manifold.

Question = I have a 2001 Grand Prix GT (non-supercharged). I just replaced my
upper intake manifold
due to warping causing a coolant leak. After putting everything back together I have a problem with the
vacuum system. At idle when I take off the oil cap there is way to much suction coming through.

It pulls the cap back hard. When I cover it with my hand the engine RPMS go way up and it sounds like
the vacuum is starving for air. Is it possible that while replacing the upper intake I spilled coolant into the
tube leading to the PCV valve?

I checked all vacuum lines and they seem to be all right and hooked up correctly. Also I did not use any
extra sealant on the gaskets as I heard this can cause problems. Why does my GP doing this.

The only thing that can cause this vacuum problem and the MAP sensor code is that either you did not
install the PCV valve, the valve O ring is missing, or possible the large plastic insert is not in the new
manifold. It should have come with this insert. Look at the inside of the old manifold and you will see a
runner insert that can be removed. If this was missing from the new manifold, it could cause this. Be sure
PCV valve is installed. Getting coolant in any tube or passage would not cause this.

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2002 Pontiac Grand Prix C0035, C0245, C0036- Large Vacuum Leak