2000 Pontiac Grand Prix Engine size = 3800
ABS light on occasionally.
Front brakes were just installed by a GM dealer.
Question = I had the ABS warning light come on this past Monday.  I took it to a GM dealer to
inspect/repair.  According to the service manager, the anti lock brake module needs to be replaced.  
The part listed for $900 and since the car does have high miles, I would prefer to not purchase this
part.  I did notice though that Monday it was raining and extremely wet outside.  Since that day, it has
been dry and the light has not come back on.  Is there a way to possibly seal this module from
moisture and if so, how would I do it.

Answer: Although it may seem moisture is causing the problem, i have not seen this be the case.
Modules are sealed very well, and this should not cause problems. Sealing a module that may be
susceptible to moisture really wont do any help. If moisture has gotten into the module, it is too late
Only thing that can possibly be sealed is to clean the connector terminals and apply a thin layer
silicone on the connector seal.
You may want to try this website-

They have and can rebuild your module for MUCH less. Tell them we sent you if you decide to go
that route.
Yes, it could be the wiring going to the sensor around the area of the lower control arm. This is pretty
common. You would need to take that small harness apart and check for broken or green wires. But,
this usually causes the ABS or TRAC light to come on at slow speeds and turning.

I have a 1998 pontiac grand prix gt 3.8L
Car acts funny when i get to 45mph (low trac light). So i turn off trac control, and it drives fine.  A
couple miles later the abs light comes on. i know could be speed sensor, but could it be a wire or
connector also?
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2000 Pontiac Grand Prix ABS Repair Cost

Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8 V6. ABS and TRAC OFF. ABS codes = C0035, C0245, C0036. I

Question = WHAT IS MY ABS PROBLEM? Why does my car do this.JK:The first and last code
are for left and right front wheel speed sensors. The c0245 is caused by a difference between
the left and right front sensors. After replacing the hubs, did you plug the sensors back in? If
so, make sure you did not damage either of the harness. If they are plugged in and ok, then
you need to follow the harnesses up along the lower control arm the frame rail.