2000 Pontiac Grand Prix.
Question = Grand Prix will not shift into any gears unless something is shoved into the shift release,
then traction control light is lit up, now my ac is blowing freon out every now and then when it builds
up pressure. Some one said PCM but i cant find a replacement only

Sounds like you have several different things wrong.
Be sure to check all fuses for the shifter problem. If OK, you may have a sticking shift release
solenoid. Having pop or some other liquid spill in the console will cause a solenoid to act up.

The traction light may be related to this, but is more likely an ABS problem. The powertrain, ABS,
and Body controller need to be scanned for codes.
The A/C going on and off is usually caused by low freon charge.
The Traction Control System is controlled by the ABS system.
Pontiac sunfire 2001. Warning lights = trac off.
Question = when the trac light comes on the transmission gears shifts hard into gears.

Answer: That is a normal operation of your vehicle. When the trac light comes on, it is due to a loss
of traction, usually due to wheel spin or heavy acceleration. That will usually make the transmission
shift hard anyway. If there is a problem, the light will stay on all the time, usually accompanied by
the ABS light as well. That will mean there are codes stored in the system and you have a problem.
If the lights aren't on all the time, I would just recommend checking the trans fluid to make sure it is
full and not burnt smelling or black in color. You might want to try a transmission flush too, if you
haven't done that in a while or ever.
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2000 Grand Prix Shifter Will Not Move