1999 Pontiac Grand Prix SE change oil soon Light.
Question: the heating and the a/c and as well as the defrost just stopped working last week and it is not
blowing any air at all what could this be its getting cold and i cant have my 15 month old daughter riding
in the back seat because of this.. Can you help me please.

If the fan does not blow any air at all, then the first thing to do is to check all fuses. There is a fuse box
under the hood, and one in the dash. If all fuses are good, then 2 things are the most common-The
blower motor resistor has burned out. This will usually cause a few of the speeds to fail, but may still
have high. It is mounted under the passenger side of the dash, forward of the blower motor.

Or, the blower motor itself has failed. A test light to check for power and ground at the blower motor
would be needed to check for this.

2001 grand prix gt. Repairs made- Blower motor resistor replaced.
Question: The blower motor, a/c and defroster all work intermittently, but only when the fan motor is on
highest speed and before they work I hear a click noise and then there is a slight delay and they work.

If these things all act up at the same time, you may have a bad ignition switch. Especially is it only
happens with blower on high. The ignition switch feeds power top most of the car electrical systems. We
have seen some of these go bad and cause these problem with the blow on high. The clicking is caused
bu a low voltage condition.

Electrical components and relays dont like low voltage and click when trying to function.

Many times the ignition switch will act up in the morning, or when it is cold and damp outside.

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