Traction Off Warning Problems And Comments

 ANSWER: The TRAC light and shifting problems are caused by the tires your are using. They are not the same size as the other side, and maybe even the two space savers are different sizes too. Get al the tires to match.

I have a trac light coming on every so often even on smooth roads after going on rough roads. When i come to a red light and need to stop, it will sputter when i try to go on the green, it wont go in reverse either, i have to put car in park, shut car off, restart it, put car in gear to go before it will move. My car is a 2002 chevy cavalier.
 Sound like you have a few different things going on. You may have a wiring problem causing all the issues. Check the negative ground cable o the bottom of the battery tray. This is a common area to have a loose, corroded or broken cable.

Chevy Camaro 2010 and the TRAC Off light goes on when i turn right or left and when i turn car off and on again. It is goes of after i turn right or left. Can you tell me exactly where i have to look first ABS or there the other stuff in steering system sensor.
 Look at the wiring harness that is going to each front wheel bearing hub. Those 2 wires are for the speed sensor at each wheel. They tend to break inside the insulation.

My 2005 Monte Carlo Trac off light on and Abs wtf could that mean I'm lost.
 ANSWER: Read the description on our traction page.

I have a 1997 pontiac Grand Am GT 3100. The ETS light stays on and I can not switch it on with the button.I have changed the brake pads,rotors and even bleed the brakes. Nothing has changed. It has no codes in the OBD or any other lights. Please help if you can.
 First you have to be sure your scanner can read the ABS computer. Just looking at the powertrain computer will not show you anything. If there are no codes in the ABS computer then you may just have a bad switch. Normally a bad wheel speed sensor would cause the traction light.

I have a 2002 Cavalier and my trac off light came on last night and my car got stiff and shut down. I couldn't get it to restart afterwards. The check engine light came on too. What could this mean? I know I have a bad wheel bearing but I'm not sure if this is at all related.
 The TRAC light was nothing to do with you Cavalier stalling and not starting back up. The check engine light would be the place to concentrate on. Get the codes scanned and check fuel pressure.

2000 pontiac grand am and the Trac off light and service engine light have been popping on and off the last few days, any ideas what this could be? is it possible to be a wheel bearing?
 Yes, possibly a wheel speed sensor- hub bearing.

My car has trac off light keeps coming on. When it does, it shifts really hard. I've had it in to the mechanic twice in two weeks. They heehawed around with the transmission now the light is off, but I have to ease up off gas to get it to switch gears. Pre-mechanic it only had trouble shifting gears when I would take off from a stop. Once it got going it was fine. The mechanic ran it on the machine twice and both times the car came back with no issues. Clearly this isn't accurate as the problem is worse.
 Possibly a wheel speed sensor problem or loose connection at the transmission connector that gets moved around when hitting the gas and the engine moves pulling on the harnesses.

I have a Nissan Maxima 2004 and my stick is locked. Even when my car is on the light sensor is on for TCS and slip.

Always check the cheapest/most likely things first: Loose or intermittent connections to the wheel speed sensors or the ABS will make the light stay on. Remember that when the light is ON it is indicating that the traction control is NOT operational (cannot be engaged) because of a faulty connection or a malfunctioning component in the system.

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