Ford Mustang Engine Bay
We now have an empty engine bay. This picture was taken after the engine was
removed and placed on the engine stand on stand as shown on the
previous page.

You can see it is quite a mess and very dirty. That will all be cleaned up and
painted later on in our Ford Mustang overhaul project. We will use a power washer
with de-greaser to clean everything, remove some unneeded items and then paint
the whole engine bay with a gloss Rustoleum Black paint.

The transmission torque converter is in the center of the picture. The transmission
is being held up and into place by a thick wire. If we did not use this wire, the
transmission would drop to the ground since the engine was not holding it up.
There would also be some damage caused.

The next step is to start taking the engine apart. We will need to remove the lower
intake manifold, cylinder heads, brackets and oil pan. Then we can start removing
the internal components- crank shaft, piston rods, pistons, valves, inspect all the
bearings, timing chain and camshaft.

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The next pages will show the engine being stripped down and detailed work on the cylinder walls,
cylinder heads and valves, pistons and bearings.
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Ford 5.0L removed and on engine stand.