1988 Ford Mustang Fox Body 5.0L Engine Removed
OK, we got the engine out now. As you can see from the pictures below this 5.0L
engine has seen better days. It has many oil and coolant leaks, a lot of rust on the
block (which is  normal).

The front accessory brackets are still on the engine along with the oil pan, intake
manifold and engine  mounts. It is best to leave as much on the engine as possible,
then when going back in, put on as much as possible.

Next we will need to transfer the engine onto the engine stand so we can start taking it
apart. The stand rotates and makes it much easier to work on and to get the things
removed without having to do a lot of bending. See second picture below.

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Before we transfer then engine onto the engine stand, we must remove the flywheel since the stand
bolts to the back of the block. Be sure to use bolts that will go through the stand and into the
bellhousing bolt hole of the engine far enough to support the full weight of the engine.

The Ford 5.0L engine block is not that heavy, but it is with the cylinder heads still attached.

Next we will remove the oil pan, cylinder heads intake manifold, accessory brackets and everything
else to get down to the bare block. See thumbnails below.
Removing Ford Mustang engine with crane or cherry picker.