2006 Chevy Equinox P0171 Lean Code

Problem with my 2006 Chevy Equinox V6. Check engine light. Repair work done prior = Had oil change today - now check engine light on? Work done to repair this problem = I reset the oil sensor light already (light with the wrench) and did not correct the check engine light problem.

question = I have had truck 3 months. Got an oil change today with 5W 30 at the local Jiffy lube and a new intake air filter (not the main filter on the engine the one against firewall). Suddenly like 1 km away, the check engine light came on. Wont turn off. I reset the oil sensor according to owners manual already. Did not help. Any ideas why this is on now, and will it turn itself off?

It sounds like after the oil change, there may have been an air tube that got disconnected, or a sensor left unplugged. When getting an oil change, most places will check the engine air filter. Many times they will inadvertently disconnect an air pipe. Either on the air filter box, of where the pipe attatches to the top of the rear valve cover. See this link... Equinox Code P0171 Lean

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Or possibly left the Mass Air Sensor (MAF) disconnected while checking the air filter. A scan of the codes would need to be done to find out exactly what system has a problem. No, the light will not go out by itself.

Many of the large parts store chains will scan and clear codes for free. I would suggest going back to the repair shop that did the work and tell them what happened. Most shops will take a quick look to see if something they may have caused.

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