Automotive Terms And Abbreviations- A

A- Ampere(s)
ABS- Antilock Brake System A/C- Air Conditioning
AC- Alternating Current
ACC- Accessory, Automatic Climate Control
ACR4- Air Conditioning Refrigerant, Recovery, Recycling, Recharging
A/D- Analog to Digital
A/F- Air/Fuel Ratio
A.I.R.- Secondary Air Injection
ALC- Automatic Level Control, Automatic Lamp Control
AM/FM- Amplitude Modulation/Frequency Modulation
Ant- Antenna
AP- Accelerator Pedal
API- American Petroleum Institute
APP- Accelerator Pedal Position
ASM- Assembly, Accelerator and Servo Control Module

A/T- Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
ATC- Automatic Transfer Case, Automatic Temperature Control
ATDC- After Top Dead Center
Auto- Automatic
Avg- Average
A4WD- Automatic Four-Wheel Drive
AWG- American Wire Gage