Oil leak on my 2002 Pontiac Bonneville 3800 series 2 V6.
Question : How do you change the oil pan gasket on a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville, 3800 V-6?
Thanks for any help.

In order to get the pan off this engine, you must remove the oil level sensor in the pan, remove
the torque convertor/flywell inspection covers, hang the engine/transmission assembly with
support fixtures on top in order to support and hold the entire assembly in the car so you can
remove the front lower engine mount, then remove the oil pan.

Once the oil pan is off, you must remove the oil pump pick-up tube in order to get the old gasket
out. Clean all surfaces, install new gasket. Hold gasket in place on the block while re-installing the
pick-up tube, then install the pan and re-assemble all.

2002 Pontiac Grand am 2.4. Most of the lights are on brake,oil. My son drove my car with no oil at all
it died and I had to get it towed to my house.

I put 5 litres of oil in it and now there is a rattling noise. I just wanted to know what the problem could
be. When I put the oil in and it was empty ( my son) I turned on the car and there is a rattling noise. I
am scared to drive it to my mechanic so I just wanted to know what this could be.
Thank you in advance.

The inside of the engine is basically ruined now. Driving without oil starved the bearings and valve
train, so they were running metal on metal without any lubrication. The connecting rod bearings and
main bearings burn up with no oil lubricating them, and end up eating away the softer metal of the
bearing. The noise that you hear is probably a rod knock, or valve train noise, or both.

There will probably be no saving the engine and it will need to be replaced. I would not drive it
anywhere, you risk doing more damage and having the engine lock up. Not going to be a cheap
repair, that's for sure!

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Pontiac Bonneville Oil Pan- Grand Am Engine Damage