Pontiac Grand Am Oil Light- Engine Code P0449

1997 Pontiac Grand am check oil light. Changed the oil sending unit but did not help. So when we start the engine back up the engine light will come back on. Turn the engine off start back up and check oil light will not be on.

Could you please tell me engine size again, it is not a 4.2l. And are you referring to oil pressure sensor, or oil level, thanks.

OK. Check oil pressure to be sure it is not an oil pressure problem, but it does not sound like it. 1 of 3 things possibly wrong here. An intermittent open in the indicator input wire to the pcm from the sender, brn wire terminal B at sender. A faulty pcm. Or a faulty cluster.

The pcm sees the input from the pressure sender and sends a signal to cluster on the serial data line. The cluster logic deciphers all the data on the serial data line to determine which light to light. Most likely the cause is a problem in the dash cluster itself.

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2003 Pontiac Grand Am 3400 Warning lights: check engine light. Autozone said P0449 vent valve. Question:
The check engine light came on my Pontiac Grand AM.

Went to Autozone to get the computer scanned for codes. They said it was P0449. Something about the EVAP vent valve. I have read it could be the purge solenoid too. What is that and can i replace it myself? Can you tell me the location of this part on my car. Want to save some money instead of going to a mechanic. Thanks so much.

Yes, you're talking about the EVAP Vent Valve, which is part of the emission control system on your vehicle. The P0449 code is a voltage related code for the vent valve, and it usually means you need to replace it. It is located underneath the car, back by the gas tank.

It is attached to a bracket between the rear axle and gas tank, closer to the right side of the vehicle. Pretty easy to change if you can get your car up on jack stands or a lift. There will be a large rubber hose attached to it, and one wiring connector. Reinstall these on the new vent valve and you're good to go. Autozone should be able to clear the code for you once the repair has been made.

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