Where Is The Intake Temperature Sensor- Pontiac Grand Am

1998 Pontiac Grand am 3.1 v6. Check engine light odes P0113 iat sensor from Autozone.
Question: Where is the IAT sensor? Intake air temperature sensor. I need to fix code to pass emissions. My SES light came on and i had the computer codes scanned at parts store.

They want to sell me an intake air temperature sensor.

pontiac grand am

Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor location on 3.1L and 3.4L V6 engines.


That sensor may not be the problem with the SES light. Located on the air intake tube between the air filter box and the throttlebody.

It is a 2-wire connector. Most likely is either unplugged or one of the wires is broken right at the connector.A little bit off in each wire will tell you if the wire is broke, the insulation will cause stretch, and then break.

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