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Question: I have a code for u3f00 and i do not now what it means it says to refer to service manual? 2001 pontiac grand am 2.4L.
 Answer: OK. Give me a moment...What computer is this in? The numbers really don't make much sense? Is it possibly U3000 ?

The computer is a is a Sega scan tool program is obd 2 2.0 and it comes up U3f00 in the pending code and tells you to see service manual for code u3f00.
 OK. Well the 3f part does not make sense. But, any U codes are communication codes between modules. Many times there are communication codes in module that are erroneous and really do not effect anything. Sometimes they are in the computer for ever. Does the car have any problems?

No except the code comes on and does not allow monitors to run to pass inspection and car is over due and runs great.
 I dont think that code will prevent any I/M flags from running.

The first two monitors that come in are 02 sensor and o2 sensor heater and they come in and the code come in and the next to come in are catalytic converter and Evap and they won't run. Not sure what to do.
 Yes, catalytic and Evap won't run unless O2 runs. Try a different scanner, because that one just does not make sense.

OK thank you. I'm going to try to have another scan tool put on it.

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2004 Pontiac Grand AM GT 3.4L.
I replaced the MAF and map sensor. We have a rough idle. It revs up to 3,000 rpm if hit the gas and wants to bog out and die.

Sometimes there is a popping sound when trying to stay running. What could it be? I replaced the water pump and thermostat due to overheating as well.

You may just have a vacuum leak causing a lean condition. Replacing parts is going to get you nowhere. You need to diagnose it.

Spray some brake cleaner around the intake and vacuum hoses. Check for carbon in the throttle and idle control valve. If the check engine light is on, get the codes scanned.

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