06' Pontiac Vibe 4 cylinder.
I just inherited a 2006 Pontiac Vibe from a family member, it has 140K and I don't think the transmission
has ever been serviced...i'm not having any issues with it, but I would like to be pro active with the
maintenance on the vehicle..so my question is...is it wise to service the trans now or just wait till it

Usually with those kind of miles, if the transmission have never been serviced, sometimes maintenance
just causes trouble. If it's otherwise been maintained well, and not abused or over driven, I would
recommend checking the fluid condition first.

If it is still red in color and does not smell burned, you might be ok doing a transmission flush/service to it.
If the fluid is dark, black, or smells burnt, I would NOT recommend changing it as you'll probably end up
having to replace it shortly after that. It's basically a judgement call with the amount of miles it has, it
could go either way. You may just want to drive it as is.

Have a 2003 Pontiac Vibe. It has a 1.8L 4 cyl. Engine with multi port fuel injection. The 8th digit on the
VIN is an 8 (Ive been told there are different models?). The problem i'm having is that the car is
experiencing a multi cylinder misfire. It wont idle, and it tends to stumble at highway speeds. I was also
experiencing an issue with the cluster, which was resolved by replacing the cluster. I have tried
replacing the TPS, which seemed to make no difference at all. Any suggestions as to what may be
causing all these headaches?Any advice would be greatly appreciated!. Feel free to either email or
call Doug at XXXXXX

There could be many reasons for your problems on your Pontiac. You could have gotten bad gas.
You would need to have a sample taken and looked at. You could have worn or corroded spark plugs.
This can be caused by high mileage or burning coolant. There might be a problem with the engine
timing. Carbon on the valve, etc. As you can see, there are many things that can contribute to your
condition. Basic diagnosis would need to be done to narrow down what part of the engine is having a  
problem- fuel, spark, engine mechanical.

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Pontiac Vibe Misfire and Transmission Problems