2006 Pontiac Torrent Engine size 3.4L. A/C Compressor Question.
My Torrent A/C compressor will not cycle off/on. Temperature at dash down to 29-30F ambient
temp 95 after it freezes up I manually turn off A/C switch. After it thaws,for a few minutes, A/C Switch
on. It does not want to cool again. A sensor sticks open or closed can you tell me the probable
sensor(s)and there location.

There are a couple different sensors located on your air conditioning system. There is the high
pressure sensor, which is on the high side line just about at the attaching point to the a/c
compressor. There is also a sensor located inside the vehicle under the dash, in the evaporator

This is the low temperature sensor, and would most likely be the cause of your freeze up issues. It
can be changed out fairly easy, you just have to take the lower panels of the dash down. You could
also have an over or under charged system. That would require an a/c machine to recover the
system and see if it has the correct charge.

Other than that, there is not much that will keep the compressor on at all times, especially since
you can turn it off with the switch. I would say most of the electrical components are ok.

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2006 Pontiac Torrent A/C Compresor Freezing Up