Repair help on my 2001 Pontiac Grand Am.
Question = I have replaced the intake manifold gaskets. I want to know how to adjust the valves on the engine.

Hello and welcome. This procedure is for the 3.1 and 3.4 in many Chevy, Buick, Pontiac and Oldsmobile
models. Malibu, Classic, Lumina, Alero, Regal, Century, Grand Prix, Montana, Transport, Venture van,
Silhouette,  etc.
Push Rod Locations Picture
Can the valves be adjusted on the Pontiac Montana?
There a no adjustments on the valves on this engine.
What happens if the engine runs out of oil?
A lot of things could happen. You could just have top and
engine noise, or lower and knocking noise, burned or
spun main, rod or camshaft bearings. Or the engine
could just totally locked up.
Grand am 99 3.4,when is warm start stalling,fuel filter,spark plugs,air
filter,wires,clean throttle body,adjust low idle,tight the head for leaks,no code
Look at your idle control switch
How do you adjust valves on a 2001 Pontiac Grand am with a 3.4, I put new heads
on the car and I can't put anything else back together until I adjust the valves. Is
there a sequence or do I just torque the rockers down?
1999 Pontiac Grand AM 3.8L.
I just had someone replace the intake manifold gasket and he now says that the car needs a valve
adjustment. How much does it cost to have the valve adjustment done on this car.
If you are sure you have the 3.8L engine (3800), there are no valve adjustments on this engine.
There are no valve adjustments on the 3400 engine either. Both of these engines are just a matter of
torquing the rocker arms to the proper specifications.

With that said, there should be no need to do any sort of adjustments after an intake gasket
replacement any way. Not sure why the mechanic is telling you that.
Get real people... The push tubes have to be removed to replace the intake
manifold gasket when they are reinstalled of course they need to be adjusted even
with hydrolic lifters.... The mechanic should have done that when he replaced the
gaskets but he probably got them wrong.
Is it possible to bend the valves by over torqing the rocker arms??
To bend these valves you would really have to run the
bolts down hard, and the timing would have to be off so
that they hit the top of the pistons. If you have not
changed the timing by removing or replacing the timing
chain, then the answer is no.
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2001 Grand Am Valve And Rod Adjustments
adam mitchum said:
I have a 2000 pontiac grand am with a 3.4 and just paid a guy to replace the heads and lifters but there is a distinct lifter tap he did not replace the
pushrods could that be the problem? He said it probably needs a cam but it was replaced about 50k miles ago when i had the engine rebuilt. It also
seems to idle very low and misfire at idol i would appreciate any help.

Stoch said:
Reply @adam mitchum, when he had the heads off, he should have looked at the cam. He needs to find out what is wrong instead of guessing. It could
be a bad push rod, messed up the pushrod location, he screwed something up, missed something, or maybe the lifters just did not fully pump up yet.
That can be caused by a bad lifter or it just has not run long enough. Sometimes it takes a while for all lifter to fully pump up.

adam mitchum said:
Reply @Stoch i am not taking my car back to him .it is going to be up to me to fix this problem. He also told me he put cheap oil in it to" flush" it out and
to change it after a h miles .i guess i will change the push rods and oil and hope i can find the problem any advise what to look for when i have the
valvecovers off? Or any way to check for other problems.

Stoch said:
@adam mitchum, well, then when you get the valve covers off, run the engine and use a stethescope to determine where the noise is coming from.
You can also try pushing down on the rockers while running to see if you can change the noise. These things will tell you what cylinder is making the
noise. That is, if it for sure is top end noise.