No Fuel Pressure On My 2001 Grand Am

I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4 V-6, I had a no start situation and determined that the fuel pump was not working. I replaced the fuel pump and checked it by hooking a jumper directly from battery before installing, the fuel pump worked fine and there was good pressure..

After installing the new pump in the gas tank I am still getting no fuel from the fuel pump. I have checked and replaced the fuel pump relay and checked all fuses. The car will start and run with starting fluid until the starting fluid runs out and then the car dies out. What else can I check, could the PCM be bad Thank You. I do most of my auto repair work at home and I am a pretty good mechanic.

pontiac grand am




It's possible you could have ruined the fuel pump by running outside the tank by hooking it up to a battery. Try checking for power and ground at the fuel pump connector, and if you have it, then you have a bad fuel pump. If you don't have power there while cranking or the 2 second prime with the key in the 'on' position, then you have a wiring issue or some other problem that is killing your fuel signal.

Things that can kill the fuel signal are a bad PCM, corroded or broken wiring, a theft deterrent problem, etc. Since it runs on carb spray, you obviously have spark, air, and compression. I would assume that the crank sensor and ignition module are ok, otherwise you probably wouldn't have spark. You should check and make sure the theft or security light isn't flashing or on steady after trying to start the car.

That is a common problem on your vehicle and a theft deterrent issue, like a passlock sensor, would stop the fuel delivery signal. I'd start by re-checking the fuel pump just to make sure you have power back there and you didn't smoke it when jumping it while not submerged in gas.

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