Oldsmobile Alero Engine Swap And Power Steering Question

Engine Problem with my 2000 Oldsmobile Alero. Engine size = 3.4 V6. Question: I need to see if there are interchangeable engines. Like a Cutlass or something. And if so what years will fit in my Alero?

Answer: A 3.4L v6 engine from many different years and different make / models will fit. Some changes would need to be made depending on the model or years the engine was from. Some brackets from the A/C or power steering may be different, sensor connectors and wiring could be different, but overall it will fit. There is always things to do when trying to mix and match different years. Just find the right one and forget all the problems that will come up. But, if you are going with a junk yard motor, they would have the info to cross reference what years are interchangeable.

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Oldsmobile 1999 Alero. Question: I can't locate my cars engine number and have not registered it yet as a result of this. The engine number is needed to register the car in my country.

Answer: The engine numbers are usually on a flat spot on the engine block near where the cylinder heads attach to the block. The area is probably rusted over since the car is 11 years old and would be hard to find and see. If you can find the area, it can be cleaned with a wire brush or solvent so you can read the numbers better.

Oldsmobile Alero 2000 2.4L. Question = I was stuck in snow, and my wheel was turning very easy; but when I start to drive I lost the power steering. So is very hard to drive the car now. Is this a computer or mechanical problem???

Answer: This car does not have electric power steering, so it would not be a computer problem. Most likely the power steering pump shaft has broke. When this happens the internals of the power steering pump are not moving even though the nbelt and pulley are. Push and pull on the power steering pump pulley to see if it moves in and out more than an 1/8 inch or so. If it does, then the pump needs to be replaced, then the system would need to be bled of air.

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