Starting To Remove Some Parts From Our 5.0L Mustang
As we begin, we have removed the hood, battery, air inlet duct work and upper intake
plenum, This is what sits on top of the lower intake manifold. The throttle body is still
attached to the upper intake.

Under that was the fuel rail which holds the fuel injectors. That has been removed.

We have also taken most of the wiring harnesses off of the engine that were
connected to various sensor. The distributor cap and wires have been removed as
well as vacuum hoses, emissions pipes and brackets.

The alternator and power steering pump have been taken off the engine as well.

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Next will be the removal of the heater hoses, radiator fan, exhaust headers and the valve covers.

Normally we would leave the valve covers on the engine, but there is a possibility of the engine lift
brackets bending and cracking the covers as we lift the engine out.

After that is the hard part. We will get under the car to finish removing the headers, remove the
starter, flywheel inspection cover and flywheel to torque converter bolts.

Then the engine should be nearly ready to remove.
Starting to disassemble the 1988 Ford Mustang engine.
Removing Ford Mustang engine with crane or cherry picker.
1988 Ford Mustang Fox Body 5.0L engine before removal.