I can't shift my Chevy Impala out of park. I start the car and press on the brake pedal. Then when I
press the shifter and try to move it, it won't. It is stuck in park and will not come out and go into
drive or reverse. No matter what I try, the shifter will not move to any gear.
Going to have to get the car towed to the Chevy dealer.
If you can give me some information to fix this problem myself i would be happy to give a tip /
donation to your mechanics.
Is there a common cause for this issue or some kind of service bulletin or recall ?
This is a common problem with your Chevrolet Impala.
There is a bulletin to repair your condition.
You can fix it yourself if you like. A pretty simple fix.
There is a wire or two that breaks on the shifter. You will need to remove the entire shift console to
get to the connector. Just a few 7mm screws in the bottom of the console compartment, under the
little rubber mat. Then remove the trim around the shifter,  and remove 2 more screws.
Then the entire console will come up to access the connector.
See the pic below for help.
Cannot shift out of park on my Chevy Impala.
Chevy Impala shifter won't move
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Chevy Impala Shifter Won't Move