Chevy Malibu Fuel Gauge Drops To Zero

Problem with my = 2006 Chevy Malibu V-6.
Repairs for this problem = Nothing... We've been living with this issue.
Occasionally (but more often recently) the full gauge will drop to Empty and cause the low fuel warning to light; even with a full gas tank. There is no individual circumstance that seems to cause the condition... But it has caused my wife to disregard the fuel gauge.

Last night she ran out of gas, so I had to retrieve the car from home. Is there a relay in the circuit that controls the fuel quantity indicator?

The most common reason for the problem you are having is that the fuel level sensor is bad. This sensor is in the fuel tank, on the fuel pump assembly. The tank would need to come out, then the sensor replaced.

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The fuel gauge indicates the tank is empty after each fill up. After about 20 to 50 miles the gauge begins reading normally and appears to work correctly until the next fill up. This has been happening without fail for about 5 months. Nothing seems to work to make the gauge read properly except time (or miles) to start getting the proper reading. 2005 Chevrolet Malibu. Any thoughts?

This is a common problem of a bad fuel level sensor. It is located in the fuel tank. The gas tank would need to be removed from the car, and the fuel pump module taken out of the tank. Then the level sensor can be replaced separately. If you have a lot of miles on the truck, you may want to go ahead and replace the fuel pump when you are having this repair.

The problem is that it would add $300 to the cost of just the level sensor repair. But you do run the risk of the fuel going out and the truck not starting. Not because there were repairs made, but i just seems to happen that way.

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