2002 Chevy Silverado. 4.8 L V8 Check engine soon
work done prior = tune-up, New fuel pump new fuel filter.
Question = our 2002 Chevy Silverado stopped on the road last week and my husband thought it ran
out of gas we put gas in it and it still didn't start. We changed the fuel pump(which was not bad) and
he put a new fuel filter in, and it still wont start.
Checked all the fuses and they seem to be fine now
we are stuck. Some say it might be a sensor some say it might be the in-line fuse. But there is
nothing in the manual about that. I need help i dont wanna take it to the dealership and get raped in
the butt by there prices. So I'm turning to someone that can give a little advice please help. My
husband is a marine and he is to proud to ask for help so I'm asking for him!

First off tell your husband thank you for his service.
I assume that the engine is cranking. There are many things that can cause a truck to stall and not
restart. The key is to find what is missing- fuel pressure, ignition spark, fuel injector pulse, etc. You
can try a few things to get started with diagnosis. Have someone listen under the truck for the
'humming' of the fuel pump when turning the key to the ON position. It should run for 2 seconds or so
then shut off. See if the security light is on or flashing.

You may want to pull off one of the spark plug wires, put a screw driver in it, and get the screw driver
metal close to a metal part of the engine, and crank the engine. If you have spark, it will jump to
ground, and you will be able to see it. WARNING: make sure none of your body is touching metal or
you will get shocked! Have screw driver metal about 1/4 in. from a good solid piece of metal on the
engine and watch for spark. Sounds like your husband is mechanically inclined, since he put in a fuel
pump, so that is the only reason i suggest this test for spark. Getting the system scanned for codes
is also another step in the start of diagnosis.
VISITOR: thanks so much for your response . And i also told my husband you said thanks for his
service. He love's the corps. But the truck is running all it needed was a new fuel pump fuse 5.00 man i
was so mad when it cranked up. That was money down the drain. I think mechanics deserve it. Oh and
also my husband does not work on vehicles well, he had another guy help him and that guy is a
mechanic. All my husband knows how to do is blow stuff up LOL. Thanks a lot for your help. God Bless

Dont think you put money down the drain. That fuel pump fuse was blown for a reason. That reason
was most likely that the pump WAS bad and blew the fuse, so the replacing of the pump really did fix it,
but also blew that fuse.

2002 Chevrolet Silverado 6.6 duramax diesel.
Question = I just had the fuel injectors replaced with reconditioned injectors. Are they as good as new on.
If they are the GM factory injectors, then yes they are just as good as new. If they are non-factory, in my
opinion they are inferior. Aftermrket companies do not use highest quality parts or manufacturing process.
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2002 Silverado Won't Start- Fuel Injectors Were Replaced