Chevy Impala ABS Codes C1218 and C1245

Last Sunday I replaced the right front hub and cleared the coded from the computer. Drove about 300 miles since and the lights are still on. Had Monro read the codes - their scan tool said no issues. Went to advanced auto and used their tool. Came back history c1218 and current c1245 (bad pressure sensor, has been bad for years and don't see the point in replacing it unless necessary). Do I have an abs ghost or is there still an issue somewhere. Those are literally the only codes anywhere in the computer. Also put on new brakes and rotors yesterday and did a basic brake check today, no issues visually. 2005 chevy impala abs/trac amber lights. Codes = c1218 (history) c1245(current). Replaced front right hub (sensor was bad - was throwing 3 other codes relating to it) Cleaned/roughed up pump ground. Replaced brakes and rotors.

The ABS code C1218 in your Chevy Impala is described as brake control relay coil short to voltage. C1245 is described as right front ABS channel does not move. The first thing to do is to check the wiring to it right front hub very. Open up the small harness with the two sensor wires in it that run along the bottom of the control arm. Tug in each wire moving up the harness looking for part of the wire to stretch. If a section does stretch that indicates broken or corroded wires. It's possible broken wires would cause the C1245 code but definitely not the C1218 code.

ABS code C1218 is an internal problem in the ABS controller. The relay this code refers to is part of the ABS module assembly. It is possible that since you've had this code for so long, and the module is bad, that the other code is just another problem internally to the module. You would need to get some definite testing done on the module to determine if the C1245 is caused by it. Most likely is sounds like you're going to need to have to replace the ABS module

What does code c1245 mean. Is a short because i wiggled wires while recharging a/c or is it a bad front sensor or a bad motor. What should i do next ? Thanks.

It is possible that you damaged a wire while doing the a/c recharge. I know those fittings are tough to get to and there are several wiring harnesses in the area. A c1245 is usually a problem in the abs motor pack.

The right front motor is not moving. Sometimes the nut on the motor just becomes loose, and other times the motor pack needs to be replaced. I would suggest removing the lower cover from the motor pack, and see if one of the 3 gear nuts is loose. If not, then most likely the motor pack is faulty.

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