Chevy Camaro Won't Start- Theftlock Problem

I have had occasional problems with my 1993 Camaro Z28 not starting. Once in a while when I turn the key to start I simply get a heavy single click sound coming from the starter. If I repeatedly turn the key the car eventually starts. I've had 5 brand new starters installed over the past year. I have a extremely heavy duty (brand new) battery. Any and all grounds as well as positive connections under the hood have been cleaned and reassembled, And an additional new ground added directly at the starter to the body put in place to ensure proper ground. Same effect.

One thing eating me up is that the sole ignition key is very worn, and I was thinking this may be causing the problem. I have been to two highly regarded GM dealers who can retrieve the codes to make a new key, but cannot read the VAT code using their devices. Is there any other way to get my VAT code? Both dealers contacted GM directly over the web to do so but for some reason my year Camaro, along with similar year Corvettes VAT codes are not available.

Is there some way to override the VAT code requirement? Help! What are my options? Could my worn key with a worn chip be the cause of my problem?? In addition, sometimes while driving the "security" warning starts flashing on my dashboard then goes away.

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Well, first off, if the dealership cannot get you a new key, I don't know how else to do it. The key would not be your problem starting the car anyway. It could be the problem with the security light flashing then going out. A worn out key will do this.

Another common cause for that light is that the small wires on the back of the ignition cylinder are broken. But that would not be your starting problem either. If you are completely sure that all the wiring to the starter are good, then you may just be getting cheap, inexpensive starters. But, you need to check the wiring from the positive cable all the way up to the junction block.

Also, from the smaller purple wire all the way back to the neutral safety switch. You could also have a bad neutral safety switch. Next time this starting problem happens, hold the key in the crank position and move the shifter from part two neutral to reverse and back with your foot on the brake to see if that helps. If it does, then the neutral safety switch is bad.

Is it possible to disable the security system on my 1997 Camaro I believe there is a short in the wiring causing my light to go on and off at times. This also is not allowing the car to start when light is on I would like to bypass the ignition security if possible by splicing the necessary wires.

The chip in the key is just a resistor. You can use a ohm meter to check the resistance of your chip, then purchase a resistor of same value and splice it into the harness at the bottom of the steering column. Small orange harness with 2 very small white wires.

Rebuilt engine. Went to hookup battery to do a start and the battery is arching like crazy. Any ideas? Chevy Camaro rs. 3.1 v6.

Something is hooked up incorrectly, or backwards to cause the arcing at the battery. Check to make sure all connections are correct at the starter, alternator, fuse box, etc. Check the ground cable and make sure it is hooked up right and is tight. Check any sensors that you changed, and trace the entire engine harness to make sure it isn't pinched or shorted out. If you've had excessive arcing, you may have popped one or more fuses, so check all of the fuses and circuit breakers as well.

i have problems with my ignition the key sometimes does not slide in. I want to replace ignition key lock, the key has a transponder chip. I have replaces locks with out the chip, and i was told the lock & key need to be programmed, can the new lock & key be programmed before i install it. I dont get paid till the 3rd of the month so i am not able to pay something to then.

OK, here is what needs to be done. When you get a new lock cylinder, it will come with a false key in it that is cut to the cylinder. This key will not allow it to start, but is the template for the new key with chip in it that you will need. The original key must be taken to the dealer and placed in machine that reads the key number of the chip (resistance) then, the dealer will cut a new key that is the proper key number, by using the false template key that came in the new cylinder. That is all that needs to be done. Some people get confused with all the different theft systems on GM cars, as they changed every few years.

I'm trying to find out how the spark plugs are located by number on my engine, I'm trying to change my ignition coils and believe the spark plugs are not hooked up correctly can u help me? With like a diagram or something? 1997 Chevy Camaro v6 3800 series.

On the left side of the engine (driver's side) starting from the front of the engine, the cylinders are 1, 3, and 5. On the right side of the engine (passenger side) starting from the front of the engine and going back the cylinders are numbered 2, 4, and 6.

The coils should be numbered unless they have been replaced. They go as follows...1,4....2,5....3,6. That's the best way to try and sort out the firing order and get the correct ignition wire to the correct spark plugs.

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