Buick Century A/C and Acceleration Problems

Problem with my 1997 Buick Century. Engine size = 3.3L V6. A/C compressor, orifice tube and drier replaced about 1 year ago.

The problem I have is that when you turn the ac on the cool air only comes out the 2 vents on the passenger side. The 2 vents on the drivers side have warm air blowing out. A/C is controls are set to max air and max cold on the temp control.

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If the car does not have dual zone climate control, this sounds like a problem that some mechanics miss. This problem is a low freon charge in the system. It will not be apparent if just looking at freon gauge pressures- they will be normal. But a system that is 1/2 pound low will cause the passenger side vents to blow cool or cold air, and the drivers side to be less cool or even warm and this car. There is simply not enough freon in the system to cool the air to the drivers side.

If it does have dual zone, then the drivers side temperature actuator motor has failed. This actuator controls the temperature door for that side. Dual zone systems have a temp door for each side.

2002 Buick Century. 3100 V6 Warning lights: service engine soon. Repairs : replaced transmission, replaced flight wheel, changed transmission oil.

2002 Buick Century is having trouble accelerating forward, feels like its dragging. Car functions well in reverse. Replaced transmission and still having the same problem. I appreciate your time & getting back to me. Manuel.

This could be a transmission torque converter problem or you could easily have a clogged catalytic converter that is causing your poor acceleration problem. It would act just like a bad transmission as you try to gain speed. In reverse it would not probably be as noticeable since you're not going very fast.

With the check engine light on, you have a trouble code that is set and needs to be checked out. It is most likely due to your acceleration problem and once the code is retrieved it will help in diagnosis. It is possible you have a wiring problem under the hood that is getting pulled and only gets effected when the engine moves normally when in drive and not reverse, since the engine moves in the opposite direction. Really no other problems come to mind with this issue, if you're experiencing a misfire condition or some other running rough issue, that would be a cause for your problem, but you don't mention anything like that.

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