Buick Riviera No Power To A/C Compressor

1992 buick riviera 3.8L. Question = 1992 buick rivirea no power to ac compressor. I put a paper clip in wire for low pressure and it has power. Got climate control on auto 60 but there is no power to compressor the auto light is on. I checked fuses and relay all good.


If you mean that when you put the paper clip in the connector for the low pressure A/C switch, that now the compressor has power, then that means the low pressure switch is bad. By doing this you are bypassing the switch and making a complete circuit. If you have power now to the compressor, but it still won't turn on, then you have a ground wire problem or a broken power wire from there to the compressor.

With it in the connector, go to the compressor and use a test light to check for power in, and ground out of compressor. There is a common area of the ground- black wire, breaking near the bottom of the engine near the transmission.

But, if you do not have power to the low pressure switch then one of the other pressure switches is bad. There is at least 1 other pressure switch before that one. You need to check for power into that one. If not, check the others.

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