Buick Park Avenue Water Pump Problems

1991 Buick Park Avenue (standard). 3800 v6. Repair= took off old water pump and scraped off old gasket. Put on new pump and gasket.
Question = I have a 1991 park ave. I only paid $800 for it and put a ton into it; brakes and lines, power steering pump, alternator, coil pack, ignition module, tires. Then my water pump went out. My boyfriend and I took the old one off which looked original to the car, scraped off the old gasket and cleaned it really well.

We put on the new pump by following the directions that came with it. We put the belt and motor mounts back and put it all back together. But its still dripping antifreeze. Then someone told me we were supposed to use a gasket sealer around the new gasket. I really dont want to have to take it all back apart because I'm getting a new car in a few weeks. Is there anything i can seal it with from the outside?

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You should have not needed to use sealer since the water pump has an actual gasket. What is probably leaking, if it's coming from the water pump area, is coolant from the bolt holes. Some of the bolts need sealer on them as they pass into water jackets. You could try removing one bolt at a time and put thread sealer on it and reinstall.

Let sit for a while and see if it still leaks. If it does, you either ripped the water pump gasket during the install, or have a leak from some other spot such as the intake gasket, coolant bypass, etc.

1999 Buick Park Avenue Ultra. Low coolant level low on message center. New low coolant sensor on the front of radiator. There are no leaks in the coolant system reservoir is fill and it has a new low coolant sensor. But on the message center keeps coming up check coolant low coolant level. Am I missing something or I there another low level sensor in the system somewhere?? Thank you.

There is only 1 sensor for the low coolant. As long as it is not low and there are no air pockets in the system, you may have a module problem. These and a few other years had a module between the sensor and the message center.

You may need to get a wiring schematic for your Buick coolant level sensor. If there is a wiring problem to the sensor, then this will keep the warning on the dash. Also, try and tug on the wires at the sensor connector to see if possibly one wire is broken. It will stretch if there is a problem. Then all you need to do is cut it and splice on a new terminal.

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