2006 Buick Lucerne.
Engine size = 3.8 v6
Dash lights service engine soon codes p2761, p0748.

Question = I have the
service engine soon light on the dash of my 2006 Buick Lucerne. I had it
scanned and the codes come up p2761, and p0748. Also it does not start sometimes. Can you
please help with these problems, i absolutely love this car. Thanks you.

Thank you for the tip/donation.
These codes are
transmission related. There is a common wiring problem that can cause
intermittent no crank or start and these
transmission codes. There is an area under the hood
where a main engine harness rubs through and damages several different wires. This would be
the first place to look.

I will send a pic of the area shortly.
Let me know if you do find some damaged wires and need help with the repair.
If wires look OK, then we can check a few other things.
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Buick Lucerne Code P2761 And P0748