Buick Century Starting And Light Problems

No lights at all working on the dash of my Buick. Had a Cd player installed about a year prior to the dash lights not working at all, and subsequently my tail lights are out also. I try playing with the headlight swwitch and the dimmer but that does not help the problem at all.

Tried changing the fuses-- this used to work for a short while, but no longer.

The dash panel lights are all out, except for when I first start my car. Then all the warning lights will flash just for a second as normal. Afterwards, everything goes dark. No lights, nothing. What do I need to test now?

Subsequently, my taillights don't work whenever the panel lights are out. I would be extremely grateful if you can answer this problem because everyone keeps giving me the run around. I've already gotten a ticket for this and I am a struggling mommy. I honestly would donate, if I had it.

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You say that replacing fuses used to work, but not anymore. Does this mean you had / have blown fuses? Which fuses were you dealing with? If they were blown, you need the find the short circuit and repair that before you can do any other diagnosis. You will need a wiring diagram and testlight or multimeter for this.

Question: 1997 Buick Century Won't Start.
I checked and replaced any suspect cables and wires going from the battery to the starter. Checked battery. Checks good. The issue I am having is that when I try to start the car nothing happens at all (no clicking -no slow starter sound - nothing). It acts like a dead battery.

All the lights that normally light up on the dash are working as they should. I know the hot wire to the starter has voltage when checked with a test light. When I turn the key to start the car all lights and accessories go off as they normally do. I believe the starter has voltage but does not jump across the solenoid to crank.

I not sure if that is how a starter works or not but I am not able to get the car started. This is an intermittent problem. Any suggestions on where to look for possible solutions for my Buick would be appreciated. Thanks.

Yes, the purple wires should give power when trying to crank the engine over. If it does but the starter does not engage and crank the engine, then the starter is bad, or the large red cable on the starter has a bad connection. If there is NOT power on the purple wire then possible causes are a bad neutral safety switch, bad ignition switch or a wiring probem between these and the starter.

To check the neutral switch, put shifter in reverse and see if the backup lights come on. If not then try adusting the switch until they come on. Or try adjusting the switch with the key holding in the crank position. Keep your foot in the brake firmly since if the engine on your Buick does start to crank, you may not be in park or neutral anymore.

If this does not work then then replace it and adjust.

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