2002 Buick Rendezvous Shifting Problem

Problem with my 2002 Buick Rendezvous. I started having a problem with my car shifting from 1st to 2nd last night, the only thing I could think of that may have brought on this problem (and I know sometimes they just happen because of wear).

I had gone down a dark road and slightly bottomed out, so I assumed that maybe this action stirred up residue in the pan on my Buick Rendezvous 2002 model, after reading some other sites as well as this one I thought that maybe the filter was clogged and the result being the tranny couldn't shift right, but there was one more thing I noticed, it was running much hotter than usual, probably around 25 degrees hotter. So I took it to a shop that handled flushes, they said they would flush, replace the filter and gasket then refill.

After they were done with it I went to pick it up but they said the problem was still present, they also informed me they didn't have to replace the gasket as it was a reusable one, ok red flag, if this was the case a call would have been nice, in my mind its really the only assurance that they did all the work as I sure know what a new gasket looks like, this car has less than 80,000 miles on it, he was also reluctant to tell me what brand fluid was used, after asking I was told x3 common, whatever that is. At this point I'm hoping it may be a sensor as it does run fine in all other gears and the running hot all of a sudden makes me wonder.

It"s not leaking, just running much warmer than usual and at a cold time of the year, I did have a check engine light come on about a week ago, but then went out without another occurrence.
Can you suggest anything by this information?

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OK, first off, the pan gasket IS a re-usable type.
There are several things that can cause shifting problems with this transmission. A problem in the second clutch assembly, a solenoid problem, debre in the valvebody, or even a voltage problem.

Aside from the first i listed (second clutch), a check engine light and codes would be present. You said that the engine light WAS on, then there are codes stored in the computer that may be related and helpful in determining the transmission Problem.

I suggest getting the codes scanned to see if the codes are transmission related.

With the engine getting too hot, there are many reasons for this. Check the coolant level. Just cause you dont see any on the ground does not mean there is not a leak. Intake manifold gaskets, water pump leaking may not should up on the ground. Could just be a stuck thermostat, or more serious like a head gasket problem. Need a cooling system pressure test to determine if there is a leak externally.

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