2002 Buick Lesabre Steering Wheel Switch Replacement

2002 Buick Lesabre Limited.

I would like to know how to change the light in the steering wheel for the cruise control (set & resume) and the light for the heated seat button on the passenger door.

The indicator light works (High Low) but the location light is burned out.

buick lesabre


The lighting for the cruise switch is part of the switch. It would have to be replaced. The proper way is to remove the steering wheel, flip wheel over, remove the rear cover trim, and pop the switch out the front.

If you do not have the proper tools to remove a steering wheel, i would have a mechanic do this. We have replaced these switches with the wheel still on the column. Use a small flat blade screw driver to carefully pry switch out. The harness on the back of it is VERY tight. The switch wont come out very far. If you pull too hard, it will pull the small wires out of the connector.

You can get the switch out far enough to get a small needle noise pliers to hold the connector, then disconnect the switch by releasing the tab that holds the connector on the switch with the small screwdriver. Again, the harness is very tight and easy to break wires if not careful. See picture of back of steering wheel in an e-mail to come shortly if you do the steering wheel removal

The backlighting for the heated seat switch is also part of that switch. The switch would need to be replaced. Removal of the entire door panel is required. As with the cruise switch, you can try to pry the switch out with the panel still on the door- carefully. Thank you for the tip / donation. I will send some pics to help with these repairs shortly.

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