2000 Buick Century ABS Code C1218

ABS Problem with my 2000 Buick Century. Engine size = 3.8L. GM Computer codes c1218.

How do I go about fixing my ABS with the code c1218. Can I do it myself.?

buick century


ABS code c1218 is described as Pump Motor Circuit Shorted to Voltage.

First things first- check the fuses. There are 2. Labeled ABS (10 amp), and ABS MAXIFUSE(60 amp).

The first is in the fuse block on the right side of the dash at the door opening, the other is in the under hood fuse block.

If the fuses are good, then a probable cause is a faulty ABS brake pressure modulator valve assembly (BPMV). There are a few tests that would need to be done to test for this expensive part being faulty.

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