1999 Buick Century Engine Misfires

Service Engine Soon light on. Codes: two codes came up when AAMCO checked ... I was told one was engine misfire and one was transmission slip. No work was done ... The light was reset but came back on again after a couple of weeks.

Is it safe to drive this car with the Service Engine Soon light on ... I took it to AAMCO which does free computer analysis ... The tech said he got two codes which he described as engine misfire and transmission "slip". He said the only thing he could do was "rebuild" the transmission for $2,000+. If I take this car to Buick dealer they will charge me another $100 just to hook up to the computer. The car will not pass DC inspection with the check engine light on. Any suggestions? Thanks.

buick century


It would help to know the exact code numbers.

Any misfire has the potential to damage the catalytic converter. The misfire needs to be repaired. The trans. code may or may not require an overhaul, again, it depends on the exact code for me to give any help on this matter. Either way, the only way to stop a code from returning is to have the problem repaired.

How do i release the emergency brake in a Buick Century?

There is either a release lever under the dash or you just push the pedal again with your foot to release it. It should say 'press to release' on the pedal if that is the way to do it on your vehicle, otherwise look for a small pull handle that says 'park brake release.

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