1997 Buick Century Cam Sensor And EGR Codes

1997 BUICK CENTURY. 3.1 V6 SFI Check engine light codes for CAM SENSOR and EGR. Changed spark plugs and spark plug wires. We also changed the fuel filter.

Question: Car stalled, wait a few seconds, it ran was good for a month but lately everyday or so the car stalled out until one day stopped running. Starts for a second then stalls.

Coil pack and ignition module tested good. You can hear the fuel pump come on and there's gas at the shrader valve where you put PSI gauge on the tree. Changed the gas filter. Took it to a local Buick repair shop and got it scanned. EGR code and (CMP) Sensor code came up on the computer.

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A cam sensor code can cause a hard start or no start. The wires right at the sensor get swollen / broken. The sensor is under the power steering pump. Another common problem is that the actual magnet for the sensor breaks off inside the engine. The magnet is attached to the cam gear behind the timing cover. Remove the sensor and look in the hole with a mirror, then turn the engine by hand to look fornthe magnet. If it is missing, then the timing cover wwill have tombe removed and a new magnet installed on the gear. Starting and stalling after a few seconds almost sounds like a theft / security problem, but you need to get cam sensor code fixed first.

There are several different things that can cause an EGR code, depending on what the exact code is. The valve itself could be faulty, the passages under the unit could be plugged up with carbon, or the gasket may be blown and leaking. Be sure to check ALL fuses as well.

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