3.1 V6  SFI
Check engine light codes for CAM SENSOR and EGR. Changed spark plugs and wires changed
fuel filter.

Question: Car stalled  wait a sec ran was good for month but lately everyday or so stalled out until
one day stopped running. Starts for  a second then stalls.

Coil pack and ignition module tested good. You can hear the fuel pump come on there's gas at
the shrader valve where you put PSI gauge  on the tree. Changed the gas filter. Took it got it
scanned  EGR code and (CMP) Sensor code came up.

Answer: A cam sensor code can cause a hard start or no start. The wires right at the sensor get
swollen / broken. The sensor is under the power steering pump.

Starting and stalling after a few seconds almost sounds like a theft / security problem, but you
need to get cam code fixed first.

There are several different things that can cause an EGR code, depending on what the exact
code is. Be sure to
check ALL fuses as well.

EGR Valve Operation

The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system is used to lower oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emission levels caused by
high combustion temperature. It does this by decreasing combustion temperature.

The main element of the system is the EGR valve. The EGR valve feeds small amounts of exhaust gas back into
the combustion chamber. With the fuel/air mixture thus diluted, combustion temperatures are reduced.

If a problem with the EGR system will not allow the PCM to control pintle position properly, DTC P0404 should
set. The PCM also tests for EGR flow. If incorrect flow is detected, DTC P0401 should set. See DTC list for other
EGR codes.
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1997 Buick Century Cam Sensor And EGR Codes