1994 Buick Century Stalls Out

Work done to repair = fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel strainer, oxygen sensors, and two injectors. Question = I first took in my car for it turning off on hard stops and a rising and falling idle. My mechanic checked my idle air sensor and my throttle body and checked out OK.

Shortly after my check engine light came on for the oxygen sensors and it read the fuel as lean. My mechanic also checked my injectors and two came out bad. This work was all done but now my car would just turn off on hard stops it tries to stabilize itself but it just turns off and my idle is rough and jerky.

The rising and falling idle is gone but returns for short instances. I have read all the symptoms for a damaged fuel regulator and it seems that is the problem but I want to make sure before doing the work. My vacuum hose smells like gasoline and this is one of the symptoms.

Can you try to help me as much as you can. I thank you for having a website for the people it demonstrates your great character. Thank You.

buick century


Answer: Yes, it does sound like the regulator is part of, if not all of your problem. Just the smell of gas in the vacuum line is sometimes enough to cause idle problems, stalling, and hard starting.

Run the engine until it is hot, shut it off for 1/2 hour, then pull the vacuum hose off. This may give an even stronger smell. Then try to start it after putting vacuum line back on. If it seems to crank a little longer than normal, or is hard to start, then yes, it is bad.

Installing a fuel pressure gauge and watching to see if the pressure will not hold after car has been shut off for an hour or so is an indication it is leaking back to the tank as well. I would also make SURE there are no vacuum leaks, and that the IAC is not carboned up.

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