Oldsmobile Silhouette Airbag Code B0065

2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette van. My airbag light is on. I had the computer scanned and came back with code B0065. They did not know what it meant and said to go to the dealer. Can you help? Thanks, Bill.

Yes, i can help. That code B0065 is for the driver side Seatbelt pretensioner. The Airbag computer(SDM) has seen an open in the circuit. A common problem for this code is that the connector under the rear of the dr. Seat gets a slight film/corrosion on the terminals. Most of the time all you have to do is the disconnect the connector, lightly scratch/clean the terminals, then re-connect. Do this after you remove the SIR fuses to disable system. The connector is under the rear of the dr. Seat and is a 2-wire connector - yellow.

My Olds Service Engine Soon light came on 2 days ago. Everything seams fine. How do I code it and how do I reset the light? Thanks for your time. 1998 Olds Silhouette Engine size = 3.4L 3400 V6. Service Engine Soon light.

Anytime the check engine light is on, the computer is seeing a problem in one of the vehicles systems. A scanner is required to get the codes, to start diagnosis. Some of the large national parts store chains will do this for free. Once the code(s) are retrieved, diagnosis can begin.

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