We have a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am gt coupe with power
windows. Why does my passenger window pop out when closing. Is there an adjustment?

Well, not really an adjustment. That assembly is common for the regulator to be worn out or bent,
which would need replacement. The window may have come out of the front or rear track, or a guide
may have broken that holds the glass to the regulator (regulator is the mechanism that is attached to
the glass and has the motor riveted on to it) You will need to take the panel off, run the glass up and
down and see what is going on.

If you are going to replace the regulator, you can buy a used unit at any junk yard or a new assembly
at any parts store. A used one will come with all the parts including the motor. If buying a new unit, it
will not come with the motor, so you will have to drill out the rivets and swap the motor to the new
window regulator assembly. The rivets are very large an require a large rivet gun to install.

Problem with my 2002 Pontiac Grand Am blower

Question = Just bought the car from my sister. Says the following has happened for years.

The blower motor comes on while the engine is off every hour or so. Runs for about 10 seconds.
Never causes a low battery situation. Doesn't seem to be normal, but I guess it could be to prevent
a/c odor smell from mildew. Didn't see anything about it being a feature of the car in the owner's
manual. Is it normal?

Yep, you got it exactly. It is to help dry the evaporator coil and case to prevent mold and mildew. It is
called "After blow". Not all models have this feature. Normally on models being built to ship to warmer
states. GM even has a kit that can be installed on vehicles that were built without this feature.

When the A/C runs, moisture builds up on the evaporator core. This core is similar to the 'A' coil in
your home A/c unit. Moisture then runs off the core and into the housing then out the bottom drain.
This is why you see water dripping under the passenger side of cars when the air conditioner is on,
especially in very humid air conditions.

If you live in a dirty air environment, dirt will build up on the core and hold the moisture which in turn
will promote mildew. Also, the drain and get restricted and hold water in the case- again, mildew.

There is no adjustment to this system, so i comes on and off as it is programmed. It monitors battery
voltage to make sure it is not going to cause a dead battery.

For cars that do not have this, this problem can also happen because of a shorted out blower motor
resistor module. The fan will not come on and off, but will stay on and drain the battery, The module
is located under the passenger side of the dash, near the blower motor. It is a fairly inexpensive part
that can be purchased online for about $35. Just 2 screws hold it into the bottom of the dash.
Sometimes the electrical connector also melts, so that would need to be replaced as well.
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Pontiac Grand Am Window And Blower Problems